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  • “Deb Meisner is an amazing therapist. I came to her over a year ago with depression, and deep rooted issues, From the beginning she worked with me to create mental tools to help me find peace. She is a wonderful person and has helped me in so many ways. DU ”

    This is a client who has been with me 18 months.

    “I have been seeing Deb for a year. I was in a constant cycle of depression and anxiety. Now, my anxiety does not control my life and I have the tools to fight back. Deb’s compassionate care has shown me how capable I really am. Thank you Deb, F.R. ”

    This client has been with me just over a year.

    “I have been seeing Deb for several months and she has helped me through trauma and through my anxiety. She is very professional and caring. I would recommend her highly to anyone who wants to heal and become the person you want to be. LB”